Coating Time – 3 Mins
Gas convection time – 5 mins
Total Time – 8 Minutes
Drying Time after water – 40 Mins
Side Tray for holding Moulds and Nano liquid.

ELCB(Earth-leakage circuit breaker) Inbuilt
PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) Inbuilt



Technical Specifications

Working voltage – AC220V
Power supply – 1400W
Machine size – 58*48*104cm
Net weight – 85 kgs
Working environment – 0-45 ℃
Suitable for smartphones under 7 inch
Heating mode – 36℃ -40℃
ELCB – In case of any power fluctuation or any type of body current or power leakage issue, ELCB automatically trips down
PLC – for better performance and programming

One Machine, Battery Connecting Wires, AC-DC Converter (Inbuilt), 100pcs Tube, 10 cups, 20 Molds, 2 cleaning wipers packet
Note: Battery not Included

Free Stuff
1 KG Dipinsure Nano Liquid , 5000 Flyers for Marketing and One Printed Logo Display Bowl

Battery Requirements
– Technical – 12V~60Ah (Minimum)
– Connect Red wire positive side and Black wire Negative side of Battery.
– Do not connect alternatively otherwise it may get damaged.

Warranty – 18 Months warranty

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