Most frequent questions and answers

This coating is for accidental purpose and following table explains how many times our coating can save your smartphone from water damage

1 layer2-3 times accidentally*
2 layers4-6 times accidentally*
3 layers8-10 times accidentally*
4 layers12-15 times accidentally*
5 layers15- 18 times accidentally*

* Assuming you are keeping your phone in good condition.

Phones of all sizes can be coated by our Dipinsure Machine.

It only takes 5 minutes to coat a phone and curing time depends upon the machine type.

Yes, the warranty period is one year for parts from the date of purchase.

No, Dipinsure machine process does not void warranty of the device.

No, the machine is designed for phones only.

No, the coating is meant for accidental water damage, not for under water photos.

You need to turn the phone off and wait for 24 hours before you charge it (blow dryer can speed up the process) or take your phone to the repair store to get your phone cleaned.

IPX7 Certified means that a mobile device coated by Dipinsure has been tested by certified third party to prove they are able to withstand being immersed in water under lab conditions for up to 3 feet for 30 minutes.

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