Dipinsure Mobile Nano Coating Machine can make any Smartphone Water Resistant in just 10 Minutes and protects against any water damage.

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About us

Water is the major problem for smartphones and waterproofing phones or making them water resistance was a dream way back. Dipinsure (A product by ONYXAA) is the solution for water resistance and scratch resistance coating for your smartphones.

At Dipinsure, we trust that Smartphone owners ought to have the flexibility to utilize their phones at whatever point and wherever they need to.


How it Works

Dipinsure Mobile Coating

IPX7 Water Resistance

Dipinsure treatment will provide an IPX7 rating that can withstand up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes


No Disassembling

Our machines can coat any smartphone by using the existing ports of the mobile device to get inside

Dipinsure Mobile Coating

No Waterproof Cases

Our automated process protect the components from water damage by creating a nano-layer coating.

All Repaired Phones​ require this​

Android Phones


iPhone and some other companies made their phone waterproof by seamless sealing the rim using adhesives, each time repair shops replace parts or open up the phone, the waterproof seal will be ruined

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Our Dipinsure Nano Liquid is Certified by World’s No.1 Certification Lab “SGS Labs”. REACH Test fulfilled as per ECHA

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