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Any Mobile, Smartphone Coating Machine

At Dipinsure, we trust that Smartphone owners ought to have the flexibility to utilize their phones at whatever point and wherever they need to. Our Smart Mobile Coating Machine alongwith our Nano Formula gives lasting water repellent (hydrophobic) and oil repellent (oleo phobic) properties to the covered surface without changing the feel of the smartphone by any means.

Our exclusive nano-covering arrangement consistently coordinates into the assembling procedure and keeps water from associating with the electrical contacts halting the danger of water harm. It shields smartphones from rain, sweat, coincidental spills and even brief submersion. Dipinsure gives genuine feelings of serenity when utilizing your brilliant gadget in conditions around water.

Dipinsure innovation is the best answer for water resistance Coating. Your smartphone is put into our Mobile Coating Machine, making a vacuum seal. Once fixed, our remarkable nano equation is dispersed and coats the whole circuit board. Dipinsure bonds and secures against coincidental water harm and even transitory submersion.

Mobile Coating Machine

About Dipinsure

Dipinsure is the solution for water resistance and scratch resistance coating for your smartphones. Dipinsure is a protective nanotechnology to protect your smartphone from water damage which is based on technology of lotus leaf.


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